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I’m a freelance journalist and Advanced Practice Physiotherapist with over 15 years experience working in health and wellbeing. I have written for Thrive Global, Women’s Running Magazine and lots of corporate wellbeing articles. 


I love writing about health and sharing sciencey gold in a user friendly way. This is because it’s important to me to distribute helpful information and guide people to the right places if they need help with pain. Though this isn’t all I’m about.


You’ll notice I also write a lot about parenting. Not because I’m a qualified expert, but because I’m a mum of a toddler that was happily created and born in the pandemic. I like to share my stories to support other caregivers. There will likely be some handbag and book club chat here…I can become overly enthusiastic about these things. 


As well as writing, I am what’s called an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist. This means that I have a lot of experience in musculoskeletal conditions and can diagnose, refer, and make recommendations for more complex conditions. This is half of my week and is for Nuffield Health. I’ve also been a guest speaker at COPA Conference, the Nuffield Health Podcast, and ‘To become A Mother’. 

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 Pilates Instructor.


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
University of east anglia
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