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Buying a mattress with back pain...what to do? 4 Top(per) Tips!

I am regularly asked 'which mattress shall I go for, which one is the BEST?'. Your bed is a huge investment and a fancy mattress can cost thousands. Rightly so then, you want to know which one is going to give you the best night's sleep!

When it comes to mattress types, there is limited up to date research to suggest that one type of mattress is better than any other for your back. Though one study of over 300 adults with back pain indicated that medium firmness had better outcomes for pain in bed. Illusions of sleeping positioned like Dracula on a bed of concrete does not a healthy spine make.

There is, however, lots of research that tells us our pain experience, our wellbeing and recovery benefit from a great night's sleep. So when choosing a mattress here are my top tips:

1/ Go as big as your space (and budget) allow. The more room you have to move (remember the hug and roll..?) the better. Your body will naturally reposition and fidget in the night.

2/ Jump on all the beds! Try as many mattresses as you possibly can. Lay, wriggle, throw your arms around your partner and see if you are both comfy. Don't go straight for a type but try them all! Our bodies need to be supported over night well enough that we are comfortable. All bodies are different shapes so test the mattress that gives you support but is soft enough that you don't have any pressure points.

3/ Remember, your mattress will soften a bit over time and respond to your body heat. Factor this in when you purchase.

4/ Whichever mattress you go for, try to incorporate a good sleep hygiene regime. This could include; a cooler bedroom, relaxing hot bath, lavender oils, relaxing music and no electronics an hour before bed.

Overall, good quality sleep is key. Use this as an excuse to spoil yourself before bed, create a personal routine that works for you, decorate and design your bedroom as a sanctuary and keep tech and lights to a minimum. Get the mattress that is most comfortable for you, and enjoy a good snooze...

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