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Book Club/ Painful Yarns: Metaphors and Stories to Help Understand the Biology of Pain

by G. Lorimer Moseley

t h e s c o o p

Professor Lorimer is the world leader in Pain Science. His mission is to connect the research regarding pain science to the patients that need it directly. As creator of the Pain revolution (with some ‘rather groovy’ collaborators… Dave Butler eh hem!) his world involves lots of clinical experts sharing knowledge to help people who suffer with disabling pain daily. Where did all this start? Well Painful Yarns is a collection of small stories curated to bring the reader a lot of laughs, a good dollop of empathy and a sneaky insight into the inner workings of this man’s magnificent brain.

Be prepared to hear about cars falling apart, ants in ears and people with knives in their head… Humorous, fascinating and cleverly put together stories to illustrate how our pains interpret pain.

t h e n u g g e t s

Pain is complex, the brain takes over and we can all learn what needs to be ignored and what needs to be tackled.

What I love? Whether you are clinician, scientist or have zero interest in research. I promise you will be entertained and informed.

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