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Book Club/ Be Here Now

by Baba Ram Dass

t h e s c o o p

This is the journey of Dr. Richard Alpert into Baba Ram Dass. Whilst this might seem an odd choice for a book review on what is seemingly an evidence-based wellbeing page. I felt that this was a great book to share. Gifted to me by my then boyfriend now husband after we had a chat about ‘being present’ and my love of teaching Yoga. It was a Yoga book I was yet to read but am so glad I have.

In summary, we follow the experiences of the late Richard Alpert through education, drug taking and lots of Yoga to find the practice of a Sacred Life. Whilst I’m not advocating that this path should be the one every Yogi wishes to go down, there are some very simple and utterly wonderful principles to be taken away.

t h e n u g g e t s

Namely, the title: Be. Here. Now. Regardless of your thoughts, feeling, past experiences, future worries. None of them are currently, actually happening. You are simply here, in this moment. I envisage myself sat on my favourite little sofa, pulling the world of thoughts and to dos and concerns all around me into this moment. Where you quickly realise, that none of that matters as I am a body in a chair and have this presence only. It’s very humbling and calming and I immediately begin to focus on what is really important to me. Described as a seminal book and starting in a way that we can all identify with; it is a fascinating and enlightening journey to be taken on.

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