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Digital Portfolio

Healthcare isn't just about being hidden away in a clinic somewhere, it's about sharing our clinical expertise in engaging content and empowering others to take the best care of themselves with the knowledge they need.


As a specialist clinician I REALLY like sharing good information and encourage everyone to take an active role in their health. Here are just a few examples of the things I get up to.


Women's running magazine approached me to contribute to their 'Joint Venture' discussing the benefits of running for joint health. Sharing the joys of running for everyone is something I am very happy to be a part of! 

Joint Venture

Joint Venture Portfolio
Joint Venture Portfolio
Portfolio Image Thrive Global
Portfolio Image Thrive Global

After expressing an interest in Arianna's imitative 'Thrive Global' I was invited as a regular contributor.

'Your knowledge, lifestyle advice, tips and techniques would be so insightful for our readers' - Arianna Huffington

Thrive Global

As part of the expert team at Nuffield Health my role involved generating copy for our corporate clients to share with their teams to enhance their wellbeing at work.

Corporate Health &


Nuffield Health Portfolio
Nuffield Health Portfolio
Senior MSK Physio Portfolio

I was invited as a keynote speaker to share my approach in lifestyle changes to treat back pain at the Excel Centre in 2018.

Copa Series Excel Centre

Senior MSK Physio Portfolio

I discuss the benefits of studying STEM topics with Portsmouth University. As a biologist turned Physiotherapist we talk everything from health innovation to Clinical mentoring. 

STEM Lifestyle

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