Join Me! 

I love stories. All stories! Stories about people, facts, history, cultures, wellbeing, self help, fantasy, sci-fi, clinical journals, National Geographic! 

As a physiotherapist the world we live in is filled of peoples' stories and how we are trying be a helpful part of that story. In clinical practice we primarily use 'evidence based practice'. Meaning that the advice we give, the treatments that we provide are borne from research and best practice. This is great! But, it's not easy. Us clinicians have to actively seek out more knowledge and research and it's time consuming and costly and changes constantly! 

Add in, physios are great clinicians however not all physios are great researchers! I am certainly not what one would tag an 'academic'. I am more than happy to stand on the shoulders on our research giants in order to provide better physiotherapy. Which got me thinking about sharing. Some of my most valued clinical nuggets have come from a quick cuppa and catch up with a team member who "read this thing and...." suddenly CLINICAL GOLD! Some text or paper that I would never had thought to pick up has been digested and distilled by a colleague and passed to me.

I freakin love this sharing of things, nuggets, experiences. It's rich and delicious and so advantageous. As physiotherapy is provided by actual people, the sharing of self growth books has always appealed to me also. Research should also benefit the clinician. Lots of 'journal clubs' (I can sense your eye rolling from here) fall flat on their pages from the word - CASP (clinical review joke), they can feel quite intimidating and irrelevant. So with the gap between the published word, research, clinical practice and actual people, becoming a seemingly impassable chasm. I dreamed up this idea of a clinical bookclub of sorts. Whatever floats your wellbeing boat can be included and shared here.

Sharing principles include:

  • Any papers, book, self help, texts, old, new or hieroglyphics can be included.

  • Share why you read it, what you got from it and why you would recommend.

  • Be kind and respectable regarding others choices.

  • Be open to learning something from absolutely anywhere! 

  • Generally be happy and fuzzy about our shared love of reading stuff! 

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